"Erica Seagrave"

Episode 8 August 14, 2023 00:50:32
"Erica Seagrave"
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"Erica Seagrave"

Aug 14 2023 | 00:50:32


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Rich Vogel

Show Notes

Rich interviews Erica Seagrave. In addition to holding a CNIM, she’s registered by ABRET in EEG and evoked potentials. She has such an interesting background with professional experience as a NDX technologist, an education director, a business development professional, as well as owner and chief operator of multiple companies in rather diverse sectors. She spent 16 years building an IONM company from the ground up, then sold it, and began forging a new career path for herself. Among other things (which we’ll talk about), she’s presently the owner and CEO of MJS Consultants, LLC where she develops leaders and advises organizations on how to perform more effectively and efficiently.

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